Mattress Internal Inspections (MI 2)

... for disputes with mattress manufacturers and suppliers.

Mattress Internal Inspections (MI 2)

Mattress Inspections.In severe cases of disputes regarding a faulty mattress where the retailer has rejected the claim under wear issues, Furniture Reports now offers a full Internal Mattress Inspection.

The mattress in question will be brought to our workshop and its cover carefully removed for clear undisputed fault diagnosis. Any faults will be clearly highlighted, digital images taken, and findings listed in our Upholsterer's Report.

The mattresses will be re-seamed as required to close and returned to the customer with our full detailed report.

Mattress Internal Inspection.

This is a perfect solution for customers with rejected warranty claims or who have been simply refused as 'wear-and-tear' issues, and is proving to be one of our busiest areas at present.