Furniture Report Options

...We offer three main types of Furniture Report.

Furniture Report FR 1

Our most popular main report consists of an on site visual inspection including notes for Retailer/Store disputes with clear digital images, usually taking approx 45 minutes in the home with full report compiled within 10-14 working days depending on the content.

Furniture Report FR 2

This report is aimed at Furniture Warranty Declines and disputes, where your claims have been rejected by the Warranty provider. In this case a more in depth report is required on site, sometimes taking 2-3 hours to collate the information before a final report with images, checked and validated by our inspector will be issued within 10-15 working days.

Mattress Inspection MI 1

This report consists of an on-site visual inspection of your bed frame and mattress. It includes a 3 point area pressure test which will highlight any 'dipping' or core suspension faults. Inspection of side borders and an assessment of localised settlement of mattress topping layers. It will also check on the suitability and structural integrity of the frame and base. This report will include clear digital images and usually takes approximately 45-90 minutes in the home with the full report compiled within 10 working days.

Any costs you may incur are very often recoverable if your claim is successful.

If the problems with your furniture are driving you up the wall, let us help to take the stress away.

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