Furniture Inspections

...What is involved in our Furniture Inspections.

Furniture Inspections

To compile your furniture report accurately each inspector will closely inspect furniture at many key areas for Structural Points and potential weaknesses in the frame. Causes for these noted and checked against product specifications.

The Suspension systems will be closely inspected, pressure tests conducted if required, types of springing systems noted and possible improvement pointers and install checks for spring cages and units for full functionality or possible failures or unit irregularities.

The Fillings of Cushions and casings will be inspected and fully checked for sectional failures or possible faulty batches or incorrectly specified densities against product spec, and approximate percentage support ratios given in the final report.

Fabric finish, type and Wear Qualities will be inspected as part of the report, checking for running faults, uneven wear paths and correct Pile/shading direction will be monitored. Samples if available/required, will be taken from the piece at time of inspection along with any unit batch numbers for full report compilation.

Internal Inspections of the piece or pieces are often necessary to ascertain the full extent of problems or causes. In some cases partial removal of the dust covering/platform lining will be necessary to gain access and will be properly re fastened as before. Problem areas are photographed at the time to pinpoint to the retailers or manufacturers the problems you are experiencing with the product/s and will be added to your final report to reinforce your case.

Furniture Inspections.

Furniture Reports inspectors will ask a series of questions to ascertain the full history of the problem in order to compile an accurate final report, which usually consists of date of purchase/product name/Retailer/Manufacturer etc.

In cases where Beds are to be Inspected for Report purposes, Furniture Reports asks the Beds be partially or fully stripped in order to gain good access for full area testing at all points where possible. The Inspection can take up to 45 mintues in most cases.

In cases of Leather Furniture problems our Inspector will test the hide areas and check against product specification. For Surface Finish problems, Peeling or Colour Rupturing issues further tests may need to be conducted to check for panel suitability/structure, incorrect finishing techniques, Insufficient or Incorrect type of sealant used and suchlike to provide for full Inspection clarity to your Report.

In cases where Power or Motion Furniture is at fault or under query, each Furniture Inspector will carry out a series of tests which will in most cases pinpoint the cause or causes of product failures and will carry out a full Inspection Report checklist on site to accurately compile your Final Report.

On suites with Mechanisms albeit Manual or Power assisted the products will be tested on site where possible for any suspected failures at these structural areas and findings photographed for proof and duly attached to your final Report.