About Furniture Reports

...Specialist in providing reports on furniture, still under warranty, for consumers in dispute with furniture warranty providers, vendors or manufacturers.

Company History

Furniture Inspector.The founder of Furniture Reports namely Jason M.Cogley is by trade a fully Qualified Upholsterer, starting as an Apprentice for a family run London based Furnishers, part of the Association of Master Upholsterers, eventually rising to head Upholsterer there before completing full training at the Guildhall University of London.

Awarded in 1997 by the Worshipful Company of Upholders for advanced workmanship skills. Backed by a wealth of trade experience in the Retail and Warranty arena working as Service manager for most of the brand name high street stores, he then Qualified as a Leather Finishing Specialist working for several of the top UK insurance companies and Warranty providers.

Noticing a clear need for an unbiased, Independent, Professional and Qualified service, to assist the many unhappy and disillusioned customers of today's furniture, Furniture Reports was born.

Upholstery Qualifications.